Beyonce’s Secret Daughter

When I created this site, it was to enjoy the, at the time, fact that Beyonce was pregnant. We watched her on the VMAs do her thing singing Love On Top and blew us away when she showed us her “belly bump” at the end.

Soon after, the speculation started. Beyonce’s belly bump folding turned the media world upside down.

My video on YouTube showing Beyonce’s belly bump folding went viral beating out TMZ and any other video that exposes the truth about Beyonce faking her pregnancy.

Now yes I get tons of hate messages from STANS that are trying to prove their points thatBeyonce is pregnant. You’re very welcome to your opinion just as I am. Only difference between me and stans is I’m putting my opinion out for the world to see.

Now About Beyonce’s *SECRET* Daughter

Being that my site is pretty popular and people want to voice their opinions, I get a lot of comments now. Most I read and respond to. Others leave me in laughter at how so many people practically worship a woman.

There’s a story on this site with a picture of Beyonce pregnant at 15. In case you never saw the picture, here is is.

beyonce pregnant at 15 years old

Well one caught my eye. Someone said that they agreed with what I was saying about Beyonce faking her pregnancy but that it gets ALOT DEEPER THAN THAT.

They said that Beyonce has a secret daughter.

To read the rest of the JUICY details, go right now to “Beyonce’s Secret Daughter

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Proof that Beyonce Was Pregnant at Age 15!!

Beyonce pregnant at 15 years oldRecently, I’m sure you’ve heard the Beyonce Pregnancy conspiracy about how she is faking her pregnancy.

Well before all these cospiracy shouts, there was a picture that suggests Beyonce was pregnant at 15.

Could this be true and if so, what happened to the baby?

See Beyonce Pregnant at 15 and many more pics at

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Is Beyonce Really faking Her Pregnancy

Could it be possible that Beyonce is faking her pregnancy? My true question is why would Beyonce fake being pregnant?

What does she have to gain from doing so.

I saw what looked to be video proof that Beyonce is faking her pregnancy and it was pretty evident that she knows what she’s doing. She then gave a look to the interview like “Don’t you say nothing about what you just saw”

I know money and fame changes people but with video proof coming from sites like and articles like “Evidence Beyonce faking her pregnancy“, I truthfully don’t know what to think.

I know one thing though. They all have some good evidence.

And as time goes on, there seems to be more and more evidence that Beyonce is faking being pregnant and everyone is going along with it.

Maybe because Beyonce has an image to uphold and would dissapoint millions so she can’t say anything now because she’s in too deep.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see til Beyonce’s Baby is born

Here’s the first story we did about Beyonce faking pregnant

video proof Beyonce faked her belly size | Site for Beyonce Pregnant Pictures and News


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